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Trekker´s founding partners are part of the legacy of Puerto Rico Wire Group, estabilished in 1955 by Jose Cestero Jimenez and Sara Yordan Fonalleras. From 1976 to 2011, the co-founders son JOse Cestero Yordan was CEO, as of 2011, the third generation of this family-owned business is at its helm, under the leadership of co-founder´s grandson, Jose Cestero Ramirez. Trekker Group in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Today, Trekkers has grown into Puerto Rico´s leading sales, rental, and servicing company. It is the island´s mos recognized source for all types of construction, concrete, and formwork and shoring equipment and material. It also offers the largest rental pool of construction and aerial equipment in the Caribbean. Trekker Group´s Puerto Rican/Caribbean division includes: Puerto Rico Wire Group, a distributor of construction wire products. Ace Forming Systems, INc., which sells and rents formwork & shoring ans scaffolding supplies Ace Construction Supplies, Inc., a manufacturer of construction wire products and concrete & masonry accessories Nu-Vue Industries of Puerto Rico, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of metal building components and shutters

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